A simple Twine game where you play as a guard working for the royal family, specifically the prince.

Concept made in under a day. Actual game made over the course of two weeks. Mostly because I kept changing the color palette. And then school stuff came up (even though we're in summer), and I had to stop working on this for like 3 days. Also I definitely clutched this. I may or may not update this after school starts. I am actually kind of nervous about posting this... but I worked hard on it, so...!

I hope you enjoy!

Also, feel free to give criticisms and suggestions and stuff. I'd really like to know if this was any good.     o u o


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this was the cutest thing i have ever read!!

hoping you add your additional comments, it'll be nice have a ending scene

Very sweet story!

From what I understand from your "additional comments", you may add a confession and ending scene, and maybe some special ones? It would really benefit from that, since it becomes a bit repetitive the time you manage to build up your relationship, and I think it would be nice to at least have a confession and some kind of ending. Or does it have an ending but no special ending scene? If it has one, I didn't reach it, but that furthers my point - some special scenes would be great so people won't stop playing thinking there is nothing else to see, like I did.

Anyway, I'm eager to see possible updates!